Achieving a milestone of 1000 million jabs

18 Nov, 2021

A journey from anxiety to assurance has happened and our nation has emerged stronger, thanks to the world’s largest vaccination drive. India completed the vaccination of 1000 million doses of Covid -19 vaccine on 21 October in just about 9 months since the starts of the vaccination drive. This has been a tremendous journey in dealing with Covid -19 especially when we recall how the things stood in early 2020. Humanity was dealing with such a pandemic after 100 years and no one knew must about the virus.  

It has been a truly gigantic effort involving multiple sections of society. One of the reasons for the success of the campaign was the trust that people developed in the vaccine especially “Made in India” vaccines. The vaccine drive is an example of what India can achieve if the citizens and the government come together with a common goal.  

Till today, only a handful of countries have developed their own vaccines and more than 180 countries are dependent on an extremely limited pool of producers and dozens of nations are still waiting for the supply of vaccines. India is playing great role internationally as they vaccines are being supplied to other countries either free of cost of at a very reasonable price. This has been and great morale booster for all the industries in India. The sluggish economy is back on the track. The tourism that was hit hardest has started showing the sign of recovery. This 1000 million milestone will also give confidence to the people who want to travel to India in the coming months.